Presence With Posture

Luca Nicoli
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There are men who carry themselves with a naturally powerful posture (there aren't many) and there are men that are constantly, and unconsciously, in a hunched position.

The majority of the population is slouched over in every circumstance due to our modern lifestyle, lack of physical activity, and being generally sedentary. Although more awareness has been raised from the general public, (see standing desks for example) this is a plague, getting worse as time progresses. Lack of understanding the source of the issue is always causing more people to suffer from chronic back pain, and tight shoulders and chest. From an aesthetic perspective (yes appearance matters), many people are carrying themselves with a highly unattractive posture.

It took me some time to create my first online exercise program. Why? I am a strong believer in one-on-one training. I think it is the best service a fitness professional can offer. There is nothing better than being able to watch your client's form in person when doing squats, deadlifts, etc...However, I also understand the need for creating a workout program suitable for the majority of us that specifically addresses the back. I created "Presence with Posture" because there is an extreme need for men to adjust their posture, oftentimes compromised by a sedentary lifestyle, irrational exercise programs, and lack of understanding of the right approach when it comes to back training.

Do any of the following describe you?

Chronic back pain and discomfort

Hard to develop back musculature

Not knowing what to do at the gym and getting bored

Not realizing how much you can improve your performance/results

Frustrated that conventional programs don't work

You get joint pain easily

Why have you been dealing with all of these issues when all you want to do is feel great and look even better?

A wrong exercise prescription by irresponsible personal trainers is one of the most common causes for your lack of success. Exercises are merely given for the sake of filling up one hour of time without any rationality behind it.

Poor exercise programming can lead to acute and/or chronic injury. Over time, repetitive wrong movement patterns can damage the tissues around the joints and start causing the first problems that will push most people away from lifting weights, causing them to get progressively weaker, and worsening the situation.

There are thousands of men that can relate to this, and they struggle to change their physiques because most conventional fitness advice is powerlifting focused.

There is a better way. Which is what Presence with Posture is.

This is a 10-week workout program, focusing on refining form and technique first, and gradually progressing to more advanced workouts. It will guide you on how to overcome rounded shoulders, build muscle through smarter lifting, improve your back health, and feel more productive.

This program focuses primarily on the training component and will help you to step up your progress through a rational exercise sequence. I highly recommend performing these workouts in a well-equipped gym. I included links for a few types of equipment needed, as well as exercise videos in case you have never seen them before. I DID NOT include any particular dietary advice in, simply recommendations.

If you've struggled for years with no real results, you have to know that you CAN build a strong back AND also look better. You CAN get stronger and more functional!

Presence with Posture is my training program, comprised of everything I've learned over 10 years of training and practice with my personal clients that have suffered from back pain and want to build a stronger body (clients for whom the conventional and GENERIC approach would not work).

So, if you want to be like these people who had success, then use this program and put it to work.

This program includes:

-10-week workout programs

-13 detailed training plans

-Unique exercise techniques to increase the intensity of your workouts

-Biggest mistakes you can avoid when designing a program

-Foam roll and stretching routine for days off

Ready to walk with your shoulders back and proud chest?

I want this!

You'll get a full detailed 10 weeks program with exercise charts, videos, and detailed instructions!

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Presence With Posture

3 ratings
I want this!